Tomato soup a la Spa d’Alma

17/11/2011 0 By Casa Spa dAlma

In this summer we had a enormous amount of juicy red sunburnt tomatoes.
Most of them we cleaned and cooked to tomato juice, in every pot of juice we joined some basil leaves.
Now, in winter, I use these pots of tomato juice to make a soup that is so delicious that you won’t believe. The spicy taste of basil has penetrated every tomato molecule, unbelievable.

The recipe:

In a pan heat some olive oil and join a sliced onion, stir until it becomes glazy and soft brown. Add two pods of star anise and some ground black pepper.
Stir and add the tomato juice, if you don’t have the home made stuff then use some unsweetened tomato juice.
Add a bit of fresh thyme, rosemary and oregano. Salt for your taste.

Turn the fire low and add an egg for each person, let it pouch and make sure that the soup is not boiling.

Take out the herbs and pour the soup in bowls with one of the pouched eggs.

If you have fresh red tomatoes you can of course make your own juice on the spot, don’t forget to take out the seeds first. Enjoy with  garlic toast.