The need for retreat

The need for retreat

21/11/2011 0 By Casa Spa dAlma

In the past before the period of industrialization people used to live in villages or small towns. Nature was integrated, even in the towns farms were present and cows, sheep and chicken roamed the streets. In these days the necessity for retreat was merely a spiritual one. It was a period of several days of withdrawal from society to a religious house for exclusive occupation in the duties of devotion.

Nowadays there is a big difference. Millions of people live in big towns, factually on top of eachother. Life has accelerated in a way that the human mind can hardly process, media and other stimuli coming from outside of us fight for the priority of attention. The result is that most people lose their natural defense, they become inundated with information and impressions, literally a short circuit in the brain and they are hardly aware of it because the brain is shutting down without filtering.

Here the need for retreat is much more then just a reflection on your spiritual being, it is a life saving necessity. Stepping out of this vicious circle that city life imposes on people will give the opportunity to relax the overheated brain cells. Start breathing deeper and surrender slowly to the normal flow of life. Here we can gain a renewed perspective of our actual situation in life, here we can start to see that changes will be necessary. Here we can create new objectives that will help our essential being to express in a creative manner.

Retreat will increase our appreciation of life, our physical health will benefit and our spiritual values will change for the better.

Spa d’Alma is one of the places in the world where your retreat is also our concern.