Summer nights

28/06/2012 0 By Casa Spa dAlma

Summer has arrived with high temperatures, last week they went up to 39º, sweaty weather but by now it has cooled down to 28º, which is perfect.
The water in the pool is 23º and an absolute pleasure to dwell in.

One of the guests wanted to sleep through the summer nights with the window wide open. It gives you almost the same sensation of sleeping in a tent, with the big difference that our high quality matrasses can not be compared with the thin foam layers that are usually found in the tents.

They didn’t realize how the nights are alive: grasshopper jumping and singing, bats flying around trying to catch them, night butterflies looking for the sweet smell of some plants.We have a plant called “Lady of the Night”, her fragrance is intoxicating and only released at night.Sometimes there is a nightingale singing from one of the trees, she will keep you awake with the most beautiful songs of the bird world.

Therefore we decided to give our guests the opportunity to let he music in but the movement out by installing moveable mosquito nets in the windows.
We rarely find mosquitos here but sometimes we encounter one that is also on holiday and one is enough to give you a hard time. So, no problems there.