Summer 2020

06/09/2020 2 By Matheus

The Summer of 2020 will never be forgotten, at least by us, because it is embodied with emptiness. Our B&B closed due to Corona and minor health problems we have the whole Casa Spa d’Alma complex for ourselves. And Yes, we do miss our guests but honestly, at the same time, this incredible silence and time in abundance also made us realize (again) the paradise that we live in.

When we have our guests staying here, the days are occupied with breakfast, cleaning rooms, meet and greet of new coming guests, saying goodbye to those leaving, answering questions, sweeping leaves from the patio, cleaning and checking the quality of pool and jacuzzi water, etc. Although we love it, it also directs our focus almost merely to the guests and in a certain way we are not fully able to appreciate the garden and the whole setting in the way that they do.

But now, I am still making creative breakfasts for Manuela and she cooks wonderful lunches for us but we have time to hike and jump in the pool, sit in the garden, wash the old Labrador, read a book, binge watch series on HBO, we’ve been pruning many trees, the house is fully painted, and we have time to tell each other how blessed we are for living in Casa Spa d’Alma. We feel and experience how our guests feel when they stay with us and, frankly, we love it. We get inspired to prepare for our guest’s next year stays, discussing colors for walls, garden redesign, finding new hikes, etc.

Should you come back next year? Yes, of course, and we hope that the whole corona misery is a thing of the past by then. We are looking forward for all your different personalities, laughs and jokes, learning new recipes, conversations, silences and sharing some precious moments and offer you an unforgettable vacation.

Take care, see you soon and do what you love.

Theo and Manuela