Spa d’Alma, a resort for Body and Soul

08/02/2009 0 By Casa Spa dAlma

Welcome dear readers,

This Blog is with no doubt too soon for those who already want to have a stay and enjoy treatment in our resort. That is because it’s not functioning yet, we are in the phase of getting all the licenses and start building.
But we are soooo excited, we are fulfilling a dream, in spite of a economic crisis, we are filled we hope and good expectations.

Spa d’Alma is situated in the south of Portugal and is going to be a small resort with high quality treatments.
Holidays and Healing, two important concepts for mankind. Holiday comes with no surprises from Holy Day. Days in which we take time to reflect, to evaluate our lives and our intra- and interpersonal relations.
Healing means finding our way back to our Essence, connecting to who we really are and living by who we are.

So, Spa d’Alma is not going to be a resort where everything will be around water, like in most Spa’s, although we have a pool and sauna, etc.
It’s about cleansing the Soul, having a great holiday that fully relaxes with good food and find (again) that the purpose of life is not necessarily, working until you die.
We are no religious fanatics, on the contrary, everybody has his own truth that should be fully respected. We just wanna see what is like to live beyond fear.

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