Rainy book worms in sleeping bags

28/03/2012 0 By Casa Spa dAlma

A place like Spa d’Alma is rich in many ways. I already told about the abundance in nature, flowers and fruits but the real richness is in the relations that we build.

We are not just a place to sleep, have a nice breakfast, enjoy sun and swimming.
These things are wonderful, no doubt, and we do the best we can to make this as comfortable as possible. But…, encountering interesting people and exchanging experiences, life’s philosophies, sharing joy and human warmth, this makes it all worthwhile.

Now there was a nice couple here, on holiday but the weather changed. It has been dry and sunny for months but that day the morning clouds did not go away. That day was grey and even had some drizzle floating through the air. A good reason to stay inside and I was a little bit worried with the guests.
But this couple found a place on the sunbeds, they armed themselves with water resistant sleeping bags and a book to read. They had a great day and they explained it with, that they wanted to enjoy their holidays to the max, and they did.
Quite inspiring and we sometimes forget that the north of Europe is still grey, cold and wet, so who cares about a little bit of rain when the temperature is good?
Flexibility brings so much pleasure and joy.

Somehow I felt very grateful to have met these people, happiness is found in simple things and resonates with the happiness of others which was the case here.

Thank you so much.