Rain in August

20/08/2011 0 By Casa Spa dAlma

Rain in August is a very strange phenomena in Monchique.
The temperature is over 30ยบ and the humidity is suddenly high. Big white clouds seem to climb up to heaven, growing faster with every minute that passes. Nature becomes silent, birds stop flying and twittering, frogs hold their breath and wind disappears completely. The neighbour is still working the field but with only one eye at the crop and the other at the sky. The atmosphere is full of threat and expectation at the same time. Our pool is the best place to be until the lighting strikes and thunder is rolling through the air. The rain starts to fall in big, warm drops washing anyway the dust and leaving the plants and he forest with a bright green. The air is full of funny smells. Dancing in the warm rain and once the thunder explodes nearby running for your life to the safety of the house.
Half an hour later the clouds break open and the sun is back as if it has never been away.
Today we do not have to water the plants but I know that all the weeds will start to grow rapidly in the coming days. There is always a disadvantage to the advantage in nature.


The photo is borrowed from The Alagarve Wednesday Walkers. I hope they do not mind.