Fighting for the Illusion of Freedom (part 1)

30/06/2020 0 By Matheus

Quotes of our time.

Times are different from normal, the world is in turmoil, they are taking our freedom away.
5G installation provoked the corona virus, only old and obese people die of Covid-19, this is the moment for humanity to make a drastic change, almost like doomsday separating human beings in who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. These are the lines we read in the news, TV, and social media. Facts, fiction, and opinions are mixed with desires and frustrations and altogether we are cooking a soup that is so confuse that nobody can swallow it. Manipulated numbers from official organizations and governments. with on the other side lots of conspiracy theories from whoever it suits. Most of the population is confused and living in isolation, hypnotized by never ending disaster TV broadcasting, and feeling utterly lost.

Yes, it looks like that all of the sudden governments are taking our freedom away. Our freedom to shop when we want, to go out when we like, to drink a beer with friends on a sunny terrace, to visit grandpa and they grant no permission to protest against all the new rules that restrict our freedom.

Of course, not being able to visit grandpa is freedom taken away but at the same time this protects grandpa from a possible early death. These measures will be lifted in the near future and replaced by DNA altering vaccins, what a choice.
As Ken Wilbur states so clearly that a huge part of humanity still has consciousness that fits in stone age days which means, being reactive to any threat without seeing the bigger picture, but by now, we have technology and opportunities that require another sort of awareness and sense of responsibility. Economics, globalization and technology have made our lives so complex and it effects human relations in such a tremendous way that we got dazed and confused.

Since lots of people do not understand underlying reasons for their frustration, they react to every visible limitation of their dignity. For me, the truth is that we lost our freedom, step by step during hundreds of years or even millennia. A devaluation of human’s true nature, slowly but surely constructing psychological,  emotional and social  barriers to finally result into an invisible but very real cage. This happened in small steps that in the moment were beneficial while nobody could foresee the future implications.

Maybe the first huge step that lay the foundations for losing our freedom was something that is considered the best move of humanity ever. Hunting tribes in pre-history were fighting and dying every day for food and shelter. The discovery of grain and agriculture changed their lives in a dramatic way. They could grow food and build huts to live in, life became less dangerous and the population started to grow. As a logical result they started to create small communities to defend crops and themselves from invading gangs. This is where we created the concept of organized war and army. It all made sense and nobody could see the blueprints for the future. Forming communities was a corner stone of modern society, but it included the seeds of terror coming from institutionalized religion, racism, slavery, economic suppression, power-hungry and corrupt goverments. Humans are fit to deal in meaningful relations with 50 persons, here they can still be part of the whole process, be in direct contact, express needs and ideas, argue and negotiate, respect others and be actively part of a social hierarchy with clear tasks and responsibilities.

When a community grows bigger then 50 we will need others to represent us, normally the elders of the community, they were considered wiser and more experienced and politics were born. With communities joining for mutual benefits, creating cities and later states, kings and governments arose, and with it, power abuse and corruption. Religions were getting institutionalized trying to impose their vision on the non-believers, making coalitions with kings to assure their power. Freedom, my friends, was disappearing in a fast race of survival of the fittest and more, the smartest, which was in fact the only rule in the time of the hunting tribes. Power and wealth became the priority for the ruling classes, yes, by then humanity was already divided in classes as if there were different human species. Institutionalized religion added racism by discriminating believers from all the others making it very clear that the others were no good, the devil’s work and should be eliminated.  Holy wars and inquisition started killing people on a massive scale.

The basic need for freedom is somehow printed in our genes and our soul. It is the ability to express ourselves without fear for consequences. It also creating possibilities to develop and live in accordance with our qualities and values. In the hunting days people were alive, full of adrenalin while trying to kill the prey, full of satisfaction by a fire in a cave roasting the catch of the day, making love and sleeping like a baby with a brain on guard that would wake them up at any signal of danger coming from outside. Capital punishment in those days when a tribe member committed a severe crime against the tribe, was to alienate the person from the tribe. The existence of that individual was fully ignored, he or she was not spoken to, not looked at, not touched. To alienate a person from the reference they have for their individuality is taking away freedom to express and manifest yourself because you will not have an affirmative answer . You are thrown back into the seclusion of existence. When you are dead to the world, only here you can evaluate your true freedom.

Every moment is an opportunity to reflect on how free you really are and how much of that freedom is  just an illusion that you struggle to maintain in order to avoid feeling completely lost.

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