Hiking and Mindful

Hiking and Mindful

07/09/2012 0 By Casa Spa dAlma

From 16 – 23 October we organize a week of hiking and Mindfulness.
Everybody knows what hiking is, although probably not everybody knows the experience of hiking in Monchique. Going up a dirt road in the middle of a cork tree forest with its million shades of green and brown while rays of sunlight play on the undergrowth.
The smell of Eucalyptus and spicy herbs, drinking fresh water from a spring after picking purple figs from a tree.

Mindful means being aware of and in the moment. That is so much more than just saying, ‘I am walking in the forest.’ Mindful means being aware of every step you take, feeling the earth under your shoes, how it deforms under the weight of your body. You feel how the air rushes in and out your lungs, how little drops of sweat start to form on your skin. At the same time you notice how the wind plays with every leaf on every tree. It is like becoming a mirror that reflects everything there is, you are the mirror and at the same moment you’re looking into the mirror and you see yourself as an integral part of everything there is.

Is mindful Being important for everyone?
No, not really, a lot of people give no value to it at all but it is important for those who want to intensify the experience of being alive without the abuse of drugs, alcohol or any other addiction. like work-aholic, food or compulsive social media, etc.
It is important for those who start to understand that most stress comes from living either in the past or in the future far from this moment. Mindfulness brings you into the moment.
It is important for those who want to be the center of their own life, instead of being pushed into the needs and experiences of others, by others.

With other words, being mindful is a way to achieve the famous inner peace.

In fact Mindfulness is nothing more or less than the ancient practice of Zen meditation. We change the name but we didn’t change the game.