Four elements and a hole in the beach

13/10/2020 1 By admin


Praia do Alemao, nine o’clock in the morning, early October.
The rising sun begins to spread its warmth and mixes with the freshness in the air coming from the ocean. Waves are rolling in gently and almost in slow motion transform into foam when they touch the sandy shore.
A soft breeze brings the scent of the pine trees growing on the cliffs.

Life feels perfect. I realize that the four elements come together in this place and they enhance each other, everything becomes more present. The heat of the sun, the cool of the water, smell on the wind and the touch of the sand and beating of my heart synchronizes with the sound of my breath. Feelings that rise in this setting are those of deep gratitude and a wohhh, being part of this miracle that silences every thought in the mind.

I remember, more then 20 years ago I was sitting on the same beach while I was in the middle of a divorce and a newly discovered love, both at the same time. The pain of letting go of broken dreams and welcoming the tenderness of love refound. The confusing was huge and although my intuition was clear, my mind was attacking me with so many questions and doubts, trying to put a dark blanket of guild around my shoulders. This was tearing me up and, on this beach, I suddenly fell into a deep pit, as if the ground opened up beneath me and there I was on the bottom, full of tears of helplessness, looking to the blue sky above. I remember thinking, Ohhh, how do I get out of this as soon as possible. It was a place where I did not want to be, with its tall walls of sand surrounding me towering up high above me. I imagined myself climbing this wall and saw my desperate figure falling back to the bottom, again and again. This somehow opened my eyes and I decide to simply stay where I was and explore the big hole. I noticed that although it was deep, the day light colored the sand of bottom and walls into many hues of brown, yellow and ocher. This composition of earthly shades seemed to vibrate, hardly visible, more felt than seen. It had a hypnotic quality that withdrew my attention from all the worries that occupied my mind. My breath that was shallow of fear became more free and deeper, as if I started to exhale the confusion in my life. I never had to climb out of the hole, the breathing lifted me to the surface and lying on the beach I found myself one step closer to clarity.

I always thanked the beach for this experience, the crossroad of the four elements reinforces our natural strength and power to heal our doubts and sooth our pains.