Fighting for the Illusion of Freedom (part 2)

02/08/2020 0 By Matheus

So we lost our freedom of movement, expression, behaviour due to group rules, society rules, economic rules, religious rules, health rules, material fascination, digital fascination and so on, in fact there are so many reasons that it is too much to sum them all up. Marketing and social media are trying to limit the way we think and try to mold us into predictable persons. We developed so many dependencies and addictions that we mostly consider them as being normal.

This process of domestication happened during millennia, step by step. This is how we lost the wild and free human spirit.
At this moment we have Corona or Covid-19, is it real, oh yes, it is. It is there and killing people but is it more serious than any other viral infections? I cannot say, I know that traffic, smoking, lifestyle, stress, substance abuse is killing probably much more people every year. I do not care to look for the numbers because it really does not matter. The thing is that Corona is an opportunity for governments to increase their grip on society by installing fear and dependency. It is also an opportunity for everyone to examine your vulnerability in relation to fear and being alienated from your inner self.

In the Middle Ages, the people were enslaved by king and nobility. The Roman Catholic Church tortured all non-believers, women were burned as witches. The Inquisition controlled the behavior of the citizens, freedom of opinion did not exist. Taxes were high and served to make church, government and king rich. Nothing has changed in 500 years.

In the 18th century the Industrial Revolution was the kick-off for economic enslavement. It was also the start of globalization, global communication and control of money flows through banks and stock exchanges. If we are not allowed to pay with cash in the coming years, it is because government and banks managed to have total control over our finances. The old sock under bed has disappeared. This unfreedomwas founded more than 200 years ago.

So if we fight now against the taking away of freedom by governments, banks and religion. It’s an old story and it seems impossible to go back to the period where we really lived in freedom, pre-history. And no one wants to go back there because that means giving up all the luxury we have. Back to basics, no, I’d rather not, the price would be too high. Here we have a dillema, we do not want to pay the price for ultimate freedom and we do not want to lose our priviliges and luxury life style.
As a result we are bargaining all the time to keep the balance between keeping the illusion of freedom and the illusion of being in controle of our lives. Our right to self-determination

The only freedom that remains available is inner freedom.
And that is a completely different story. I believe that all the external non-freedom serves as a mirror and motivation for exploring inner freedom. This makes the non-freedom a valuable resource. In spiritual traditions all around the world, duality is a worldly projection from our inner state of being. This means that when we are unfree on the inside, we project unfree on the outside. Once we achieve growing inner freedom, a conscious connection with our essence, the same will happen in the outer world and slowly, or maybe really quick, we will grow towards unity.

Therefore, I think the message is, (at least for me), fighting against the illusion of freedom is useless and it will make the illusion even more intense. Read the story of Don Quixote, the self-made knight fighting the windmills.
Instead, surrendering to the freedom lingering on the inside of your Being is a challenge of a different order. This is a quest, a personal search through your beliefs and illusions to discover the inner diamond.
Our world is one of duality, not of unity. It is there for a reason; it gives us the opportunity to create almost whatever you like. In the end, all these creations are illusion, individual and collective projections on a multi-dimensional screen. The only thing of value in there is the experience.
Once you really understand this, not only on a mental level but also on an intuitive level, feel the connection between your thoughts, desires, alienation and fears in relation to what happens in your life. Here you can conclude that freedom or non-freedom is directly a result of you as an individual being. So, no use fighting for the illusion of freedom.


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