Daytripping from Casa spa d’Alma – #2 West Coast

05/06/2021 0 By Matheus


The beautiful West Coast, it is a pearl, and the real splendour is that you walk on the edge of the cliffs using the well-known Fishermen Trail. Exploring the coast like this is a boost for your well-being, so much pleasure, fresh air, thunder of rolling waves and the smell of herbs.

The trail that starts a little south of the town Sines stretching almost 227 km in 13 stages to the south western point of the Algarve, continuing along the south coast to end in the town of Lagos. This means an average of 17,7 km per stage, some are shorter, others longer, some are easy, others really hard because of ascents and descents or a trail that runs through soft sand. But they are worth the trouble, always take plenty of water, a hat and something to eat. Of course, you can decide your own starting and finish points. Since these are one-way trails, you either go with two cars and leave one near the finish or contact the local taxi companies and combine an hour before you leave because in the afternoon, they often drive children from school to their hometowns, like that there will be no big surprises.

We ourselves did not walk all the stages yet but we did a lot of them. I have that thing of repeating these hikes that really wow me, and they do it again and again. One of my favourites is the hike from Zambujeira do Mar to Odeceixe, Only I prefer to start from Praia de Carvalhal. Like that we have Azenha do Mar in the middle of the walk, you might wonder why that is so good. Anyone who knows me, can tell you that I love good food and in Azenha we find a great restaurant to eat from a light seafood meal to a seafood killer meal. It is the only restaurant by the way, and they do not accept reservations, so you must be lucky to find a place immediately or they can write your name on a waiting list, and the waiting is normally not too long. The real problem is to get started again after the meal, take that in account. If you didn’t arrange a taxi upfront, probably you can get one in Odeceixe.

Have a sunny day 😃