Celebrating excellence.

21/06/2020 0 By Casa Spa dAlma

Every day we have guests coming and everyone has a different personality. 
It is funny how we develop a feel for what people need from their holidays. Some really want to recharge, getaway from it all, time-out. Others simply stroll through life and see what comes, and, there are many shades in between of course.

We think it is not coincidental that people come to us. The come to get something but also the bring something. Instead of looking for common factors between people, it is so much more interesting to look for what makes a person special. What is the quality makes that typically characterizes that person? Normally that is the thing that brings light to others.

In a B&B people come for holidays and with us that means hiking, relaxation, and a tour to the beach. Our aim is to make people feel welcome and appreciated for who they are. When our guests are relaxed, they will show their qualities, when they are not feeling at ease or appreciated, they easily go into defences. 

Especially at the breakfast table there is always a lot of chatting, sharing of experiences, tips for day trips, etc. It is such a pleasure to see our guests laughing, joking, and sometimes even singing, and we love to join in, just having a real good time. And during this you can see how some start to show their real qualities, their passion, that what really gives them pleasure in life.

Their passion and enthusiasm lifts others up and takes them along the way. Yes, we are still talking about breakfast….. To really charge your life’s energy that is all it takes, just let yourself go in the moment without a worry in the world. Be who you really are! Don’t be afraid of being jugded, who really cares? The encounter is just for a moment.
If we manage to achieve that, step by step, we are living and developing our potential,  at breakfast. Ain’t that fun?

That is what I call celebrating excellence, because it is the best of what we are in that moment. And that is all that matters.