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World Listening Day – 18 July

A great initiative of The World Listening Project, since July 18, 2010. The overall goal is to celebrate and promote the practice of listening in relation to the world around us, environmental awareness, consciousness, and acoustic ecology. In my capacity as a therapist, I see time and again how the majority of problems in relationships…

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  This morning we woke up, just under the clouds. The sky was grey, and patches of fog were floating through the valley, whirling, and dancing. These are moments where the fireplace is so attractive, even knowing that the hike is refreshing and a great moment for reflection. Also, in times of Lockdown it is…

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Four elements and a hole in the beach

  Praia do Alemao, nine o’clock in the morning, early October. The rising sun begins to spread its warmth and mixes with the freshness in the air coming from the ocean. Waves are rolling in gently and almost in slow motion transform into foam when they touch the sandy shore. A soft breeze brings the…

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