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Singing in the rain.

  The Monchique winter is often mild and from time to time we have rain. If it rains it is mostly for a day but it can really pour, solid water coming down like a massive curtain and then the next day the sun is shining again. Yesterday it was a gentle rain, a soft…

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Yesterday we made a wonderful hike from Monchique back to Spa d’Alma. It is like ten kilometers, slowly going uphill most of the time. The weather was perfect, 23o and a gentle breeze. Some small white clouds in the deep blue sky, inviting you to lay down in the grass and dream away but we…

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Rain in August

Rain in August is a very strange phenomena in Monchique. The temperature is over 30º and the humidity is suddenly high. Big white clouds seem to climb up to heaven, growing faster with every minute that passes. Nature becomes silent, birds stop flying and twittering, frogs hold their breath and wind disappears completely. The neighbour…

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