Avocado Ice cream

30/06/2020 0 By Matheus

We have two avocado trees each of a special variety. One is pear like and the other is round, they have different taste and texture. The pear is more fat, intense flavour and solid, great for slicing on toast with a few drops of lemon, black pepper, and anchovies.
The round avocado has a softer taste, seems not so fat and is more liquid, great for guacamole and other sauces.

Now, we have hundreds of these green beauties every year, too much for us to consume, even when we serve them for the guests and give away to friends and neighbours. We found a great way to preserve them for the near future by magically turning them into ice creams with all kinds of flavours.

My favourite recipe is avocado, coconut cream, and lots of cinnamon. All together in the food processor and when it is a smooth homogenic mixture into the moulds and freezer.

Sugary substances are poison, sorry to say if you didn’t know that yet. This ice cream tastes great without any sugar, honey, sirups but of course you can add all the sweety stuff that you adore. You can combine all kind of yummy ingredients, like strawberries, cherries, blueberries, cardamom, chocolate chips, mix with a few spoons of cocoa for chocolate ice cream, your fantasy (and taste buds) is the limit.

Sooo much healthier than a Magnum, instead of swallowing lots of triglycerides, avocado actually helps you beat high cholesterol. Double win.