Month: September 2020

Summer 2020

The Summer of 2020 will never be forgotten, at least by us, because it is embodied with emptiness. Our B&B closed due to Corona and minor health problems we have the whole Casa Spa d’Alma complex for ourselves. And Yes, we do miss our guests but honestly, at the same time, this incredible silence and…

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2020 – The year of the century?

Can we imagine a stranger year than 2020? When we returned from Indonesia in March there were already major corona problems in Italy and we looked at it with some amazement, not knowing that it would soon take hold of the whole world. We already had many reservations for the year but from the end…

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Tuna paste

Tuna paste, one of the Portuguese goodies. (Pasta de Atum) It is an appetizer, a side dish, a lunch, or a whole family meal. The Portuguese do not exist without their tuna paste. They make it in a whole massive quantity of varieties but the plain tuna paste that you normally get in the Pastelaria…

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