2020 – The year of the century?

05/09/2020 0 By Matheus

Can we imagine a stranger year than 2020?

When we returned from Indonesia in March there were already major corona problems in Italy and we looked at it with some amazement, not knowing that it would soon take hold of the whole world. We already had many reservations for the year but from the end of March much of the world went into lockdown and cancellations started raining in.

The whole world was gripped by a fear of ambiguity, no one knew exactly what was really going on with that corona virus and frankly it is still not very clear right now. What at first seemed to be a Chinese affair now became a global threat. In the meantime we had, by necessity, closed down, and at the end of June we decided to keep the B&B closed for a while longer, because of my health problems but in the end we thought it would be a great idea to enjoy a sabbatical year. At the same time very strange bring there without our guests fiddling around, asking questions and telling stories. No good morning in several languages. By the way, the apartment, Alma do Mar, was kept open for rent.

Six months after the start of this virus in Europe, there are already reports of release of functioning vaccines. This is literally unbelievable because normally it takes many years before one is able to create a relatively safe vaccine. Since 1984 attempts have been made to make a vaccine for HIV/AIDS, several laboratories have given up attempts to make a vaccine for the Herpes virus. For Ebola, after years of hard work, there are vaccines that yield results in monkeys. So you can wonder if Covid-19 vaccines are safe, especially since they are vaccines that make changes in the person’s ADN. There is no idea about long-term effects. In that sense 2020 is a bit of a Frankenstein year for me. It has also become a political weapon, Mr. trump wants a vaccine before the elections start because it may make him win, no matter how many people get mutilated, sick or die due to side effects. Putin claims to have one working vaccine already, it is a race between ego’s, think you can trust that?

Black Lives Matter, don’t you think that All Lives Matter? Do they not realize in the USA that an open civil war started the moment Trump got into The White House in 2016? For many, many years it is already clear that Big Money, and I am talking banks, companies like Monsanto,. Big Pharma, BP, etc. – they are ruling the world, they make and break governments, most presidents and leaders are puppets. When the stock markets go up through speculation, more people die of hunger, a devilish correlation. Although this is not new and really no news, it seems that 2020 is the year where it all comes together. The limitations brought through Corona make people think and wonder about their lives and Freedom – long gone dear friends. 

I sincerely hope that 2020 is becoming known in the future as the year where the majority of the earth’s population woke up, looked around and, instead of going back to sleep again, concluded: Wohhhh, we cannot do this, let’s make a real change.

The big issue is of course, How to Make a realistic Change – what makes sense? How can humanity get their dignity back without turning to violence? I know many people will say Love is the answer but if people really understood what Love stands for, the world never be in the situation it is in at the moment. Not too much trust there, my friends, but also believing things can make sudden shifts. Probably there are lots of small answers for fragments of a real change. Let’s keep our eyes, ears and above all our hearts open to see if we can resonate with the answer that is still hidden to us but present for sure. Because I believe that when we create a problem, we also create the answer to that problem. To become aware of the answer we have to silence our mind and just listen to what comes whistling our way from out of the silence.